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Freeing Willy: the $20 million failed experiment

Freeing Willy: the $20 million failed experiment

By EcoEvo@TCD | Perspectives

In 1993 Free Willy leapt onto cinema screens around the world. The story about a young boy who saves a killer whale from a run-down theme park was an instant hit for Warner Bros. However for Keiko, the whale who played Willy, the story did not have a Hollywood ending. While Willy jumped to freedom as the credits rolled, Keiko remained in captivity. What followed was a global effort to return Keiko to the wild at all costs, even to Keiko himself. Keiko, a male killer whale (Orcinus orca), was born in the North Atlantic off Iceland, [&hellip

Studying worms - a Nobel calling

Studying worms – a Nobel calling

By EcoEvo@TCD | News

  “Parasites are not generally regarded as being loveable. When we refer to people as parasites we are not being complimentary, we are not praising them. We tend to think that a parasite is the sort of person who goes through a revolving door on somebody else’s push. This is unfair. It’s unfair to real parasites… It is time for parasites to get a little more respect!”                                                        – Professor William C. [&hellip